Amazing LIP Parrot cafe in Geoje

A lovely parrot café is opened in Geoje. It is easy to enjoy with the birds as patrons of all ages. The parrots are beautiful birds in various colors and round neck. Overall it is a lovely looking bird. It eats grains, fruits, leaves seeds, pears, nuts, mangoes and boiled rice etc. You can buy the food from the café to feed the parrots. They are omnivorous. Their strongbeak and muscular tongue helps them to eat well. They are the only bird species that can use its foot  to bring to its mouth. They are self medicating birds. They eat clay to detoxify themselves. The parrots are very playful. You can meet the different species of parrots in the café and play with them.

Some parrots can talk. There birds follow your lead so if someone says " Annyeonghanseyo" the parrot will repeat after you.
Don't be afraid of the parrots they are kind and easy to handle.
Once you visit the café you can order your drink and enjoy with the parrots.

The parrots are very friendly and so is the staff at Parrot café.
It is must try and a lifetime experience.
Details of the cafe: 
Address: Lip Parrot Café, Geoje Sangdong
               Sangdong 5-gil 25 3F, Geoje -Si, Gyeongsangnam-do
               Phone: 010 2984 2306

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