Unique coffee shop concept: Maison de Plastic, Geoje

Unique coffee shop in Geoje, Maison de plastic, 20 Seongsan road, Geoje

The coffee shop has a collection of superheroes and lots of cartoon characters which is such an attraction for adults as well as kids.
It's so well designed and whole collection is owned by the owner. The prices of the superhero collection is also given, you can see batman, hulk,superman, spiderman, cute pororo etc.'
It's a huge collection with big and small characters. The staff is also friendly.
The cafe has range of beverages and also yummy cakes.

Four famous water parks of Korea

Famous water parks of South Korea Summer in Korea is really reaching it's peaks from the temperature varying from 30-38deg. Also if you are living in Geoje island, the humidity is very high. The best way to escape the scroching heat is to enjoy at the water parks of Korea.
Caribbean bay, location: Yogin, near Seoul, operating hours: 9am to 6pm and weekends is 9am to 7pm for the peak season the price is 70,000won per adult and 55,000won per child.California Beach, location: Gyeongju World Resort, operating hours:08.50am to 8:30pm in Gold season, price:64,000won per adult and 49,000won per childOcean World. location: Gwang-do, in Vivaldi park, Operating hours are different for indoor and outdoor water park from 9am to 8pm, the price is 75,000won per adult and 60,000 per childOcean water park,located:  Yeosu, Operating Hours: 9am to 8.30pm, price is 59,000won per adult and 49,000won per childI enjoyed the Caribbean bay which is one of the biggest water park in Korea  which has 5 zones. …

Three 'Ds' of ship building

The 3D's of shipbuilding jobs, South Korea This blog potrays the Three D's for the workers and engineers who are associated with the Marine life and job. The shipbuilding companies in South Korea are considered the topmost in the world. The ranking goes from HHI, Uslan as number one, then DSME, Geoje and SHI, Geoje. The job has lot of benefits and are among topmost jobs of the world with the package, bonus, facilities etc. But on the other side the job is straneous, with lot of hard-work, honesty, rough and tough attitude to survive in such a hazardous areas. The quality and quantity of ships which are constructed in South Korea are among top and number one. The owners of the ship are always satisfied with the ship construction by the Korean shipbuilders, as Korean companies manage the time well and deliver the ship before the deadline of the project completion with good quality. This takes a lot of hardwork of the employees construct such giant structures. 
Hence the marine wo…

Food for skin : Korean beauty products

Food for your skin in South Korea "Food that is good for your health is also good for your skin" its the motto of skin food company. The skin food store opened in geoje. Though I was bit hesitant to try it out. But once I entered it, I just got attracted to test their products. I liked their unique bottles of the product and  was surprised that every product was made by some food.

I bought the Avocado hair serum as my first product. The store owner gave me free samples to try.
I started using the avocado hair serum and it gave amazing results for my hair.  The skin food products are made by natural food ingredients. They use special food which nourishes your hair & skin etc.

Also I love the egg white face foam which is another amazing product. The smell is also good. Recently I am in love with their Pomegranate lipchip peach color lipstick.  I just love their products. I received the sample of gold cavier cream which is really unique and awesome product to use.

Also see…

Seven Golden Rule to survive in Korea

7 Golden rules to Survive in South Korea I have been living as an Expat in South Korea for a long time.
Korean culture, food and living was very different for me. Based on my experiences I wish to list up seven golden rules to survive in South Korea. 
AGE :Respect the age and respect the seniors! Age is very important in Korea. You must respect the elder persons.
LANGUAGE PROBLEM: Learn Basic Korean words!Its better to learn some basic Korean for communication.
ALCOHOL: Enjoy Drinking alcohol! Koreans love to drink alcohol with their friends and mates. They drink a lot. 

SPICY FOOD:Enjoy Spicy food! Kimchi is the famous side-dish and is spicy. Also there are many foods which are very spicy. You may adapt it otherwise the choices are limited.
CLOTHES & SHOES: Bring your own Clothes!  difficult to find XXL or big size in many store. Other options are online shopping or visit Seoul to buy big size clothes and shoes.

ENGLISH:Speak English slowlyThere are different kinds of people with differ…

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Beautiful sunset at Geoje-do, South Korea

#Nature is divine, #Geoje-do I love to watch sunset or sunrise. The beautiful colors which are displayed in the clouds make ghe whole situation so magical. I just get awestruck with the phenomenal changes in the nature.I will really enjoy the feeling. It's so romantic.Taking a walk at Myeongsa beach was excited as I was in middle of the sea, watching the sunset. A trip to Myeongsa beach is highly recommended to all of you.
Location the meaning of the beach:
Located in Jeogu-ri, Nambu-myeon, Geoje. The name Myeongsa came from 'Myeong meaning clear' and 'Sa meaning sand.' The water is clear and sand is fine and soft. The beach is 500m long and its area is about 9,000 ㎢. It was opened in 1977. This beach is famous not only for its beautiful sand but also for the narrow path leading to the beach and a thick pine forest behind the beach.

Capturing suset pictures is a art. I am sharing some of the pics I have clicked.

Utsav Indian restaurant in Seoul

The exotic Indian restaurant in Seoul. Recently, I visited Utsav Indian restaurant and tried the buffet menu which was great. I loved the ambience of the restaurant. It has ancient or european style of architecture with a small pond inside the restaurant. Looks like fine dining with good quality food and with good price.
Highly recommended restaurant!
Information given in the website

Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond in Gyeongju

#Donggung Palace and #Wolji Pond in Gyeongju is an artificial pond in Gyeongju National Park, South Korea. It was part of the palace complex of ancient Silla. It was constructed by order of King Munmu in 674 CE. Although the palace site is opened during the day and night, the best time to go is just before dusk (that's about 7:00pm during summer). Then one can view the bu

Geoje tourist map and its Identification of Blue City, Geoje


Gujora Beach - Blue City or the Beach city

Geoje Island has beautiful beaches. Summers are super fun in Geoje. Gujora beach
Gujora Beach is a soft stretch of sand (30m wide, 1.1km long) that runs alongside the emerald-blue ocean.
Situated farther inland, partially encircled by the coastline, the water at Gujora Beach is calm and serene.
It is a beautiful beach and very relaxing. 
Highly recommended spot for tourist and visitors.
#Gujora beach, #Geoje-do

Deokjeok Island trip with Koreaners!

I went for a quick weekend gateway with Koreaners. The trip was arranged in the area of Deokjeokdo deokjeokdo #덕적도맛집  Island. We were in a group of 40 people. We all took a ferry from Incheon Passanger ferry terminal. I was a two hour ride at the ferry boat.
I really had a wonderful experience at the ferry boat, then we headed for the accommodation which was a simple and cozy place.

Our group had mudflat experience at Seoori beach.
That was something new and enjoyable. We collected number of clam.The citizen of the island prepared Korean pan cakes with makgeolli.
Later, we headed to the beach which was close to our accommodation. There was a JuseomJeseom concert at the beach. The band sang #JuseomJuseomConcert #인천관광공사 #주섬주섬음악회 #여행 #코리너스 #덕적도English and Korean songs. Their music changed whole of the atmosphere, people started dancing to their tunes. There was a food court with drinks. Sunset the beach was awesome. It was so relaxing with the amazing people and atmosphere around.

The d…

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Tongyeong-Oyester Beach

Just drive on the sides emart to a small street we found the oyester beach. Tongyeong is actually an exporter for the oyesters all over Korea and as well as near-by countries and also to USA.

Generaly as I read, oyster is very much like milk for it contains balanced nutritious substances. Oysters is a nourishing food, rich in vitamins A, B, C, and D and iron. Oysters cultured in the clean sea of Tongyeong have been rated as having the best quality in the world by the FDA of the United States. Domestic and foreign exports of oysters contribute to the development of the regional economy. An oyster is easy to digest for all ages specially, it offers rich calcium in a form to absorb fast.
Its good for long drives.
You can experience the oyesters and collect some also.

Geoje: Boating with Duck-boats

Another summer adventure in Geoje is boating with the duck boats.
Its a fun place. In summer-time its occupied and heavily crowded. You might have to stand in the queue, but you might get the chance soon to enjoy it. The boat is generally for two people, they give the life jackets and its well controlled.

 Also it has a small fountain in the miidle of the sea. Its beautiful, midst of the mountains.
 You can also enjoy the coffee and food at the Dive Resturant.